mariah barden jones
everything, ever (kind of)

another graphic designer/visual artist/whatever mostly in brooklyn, sometimes not. currently employed at catbird. 

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catbird fw18 weddings ad
7 x 10” ad for new york magazine, weddings edition. photo from catbird’s two day holiday photoshoot, where I acted as assistant art director as well as digital photography technician. we’re not like other jewelry brands, we’re a cool jewelry brand. 
photography by teddy telles.
creative direction by leigh batnick plessner.
one long scream dot com

unnamed photo site
2018 & ongoing
a visual diary of sorts for all my film photos 
created to fulfill two desires- 1. to include my photography in a design project and 2. to continue to compulsively purchase an absurd amount of domains.

catbird welding annex 
logo and branding for catbird’s new welding annex, a storefront dedicated specifically to welding bracelets and anklets directly and (kinda) permanently onto customers’ bodies. it’s clever because that’s where the wedding annex used to be. also kind of confusing to the customers but mostly clever okay!